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Brake-Fast Bowl

Brake-Fast Bowl
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QT Dog
Brake-fast Bowl helps slow down a dog’s fast eating habits to avoid bloating, vomiting or 're-eating'. Its unique placement of three stanchions inside the bowl hinder food gulping, allowing a pet to feel full. Made of stainless steel in a no-tip shape to keep the mess away, it is also durable and dishwasher safe. Works with wet or dry food. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

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Brake-Fast Bowl's stainless steel construction, is durable, dishwasher-safe and made in a unique shape to prevent tipping and fast eating. Available in three sizes to best fit your pup:

  • Small - for small breeds, puppies and even cats. 1 12-cup capacity. Measures 5 12" across the top, 1 12" depth, 7 58" bottom diameter and 78" height.
  • Medium - for average size breeds. 5-cup capacity. Measures 7 12" across the top, 2 14" depth, 10 12" bottom diameter and 2 12" height.
  • Large - for giant breeds. 8-cup capacity. Measures 9 12" across the top, 2 1516" depth, 13 14" bottom diameter and 3 14" height.
  • Cleaning Instructions:

    For best results, unscrew the three stanchions and hand-wash bowl and stanchions in hot soapy water. Allow to air dry thoroughly in a dish rack. When reattaching the stanchions, do not over tighten. For machine wash, place stanchions in upper rack. Remove rubber ring from bowl and wash ring separately as the heat of the dry cycle dries out the rubber. Place bowl on bottom rack and wash normal cycle.