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CAMEO Otic 2.5 gm, 8 ct

CAMEO Otic 2.5 gm, 8 ct
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PRN Pharmacal
  • Once-a-week, easy-to-administer ointment
  • A new alternative to frequent ear cleaning
  • Contains natural, botanical extracts that can be used long-term
  • Eliminates “stinky ear”
  • Maintains ear health in dogs
  • Ideal for dogs with chronic ear issues

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2.5 gm


CAMEO Otic Ointment is a weekly solution for helping manage your dog’s ear health. CAMEO is used in the control of discharges in the ear related to certain bacteria and yeast.

Until now, the only way to maintain ear health in dogs is regular or frequent cleaning but CAMEO remains highly effective for 7 days which means no need to retreat more than once a week. One package of eight tubes contains the necessary dosing for one dog for one month.

Unlike other prescription ear medications, CAMEO does not contain any antibiotics or steroids, instead using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, making it a long-term treatment option.

CAMEO will be a viscous ointment when dispensed from the tube, but will become fluid at body temperature making it easy to apply and coat the external ear canal. This leaves no greasy residue on your dog OR your furniture. Apply the contents of one tube until the ear canal is filled. Massage the base of the ear to ensure distribution of the ointment, then allow dog to shake head. It comes in single-use tubes to avoid cross contamination from ear to ear.