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D-Worm Combo

D-Worm Combo
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D-Worm Combo is a broad spectrum canine de-wormer. Safe for puppies over 12 weeks old and adult dogs. Fast acting and does not require fasting. Kills 7 strains of worms.

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Size / Weight
30mg x 2ct / Small Dogs (6lbs-25lbs)
114mg x 2ct / Large Dogs (25lbs +)
30mg x 12ct / Small Dogs (6lbs-25lbs)
114mg x 12ct / Large Dogs (25lbs +)

D-Worm Combo is a broad spectrum de-wormer for dogs. Easy to give chewable tablets are approved for use in puppies 12 weeks of age or older and adult dogs. Safety in breeding dogs and pregnant bitches has not been tested.

Treats and controls:

  • Roundworms
    • Toxocara canis
    • Toxascaris leonina
  • Hookworms
    • Ancylostoma caninum
    • Ancylostoma braziliense
    • Uncinaria stenocephala
  • Tapeworms
    • Dipylidium caninum
    • Taenia pisiformis

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