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EquioPathics Wrm Clear

EquioPathics Wrm Clear
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  • Treats worm infestations
  • Drug free method
  • Relieve your pet of tape, round and hookworms, bots and Pin worm
  • Aids in recovery from worm infestation
  • Reduces environmental contamination and re-infestation
  • Benefits horses, donkeys, cattle, goats and sheep

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120 mL

EquioPathics® Wrm Clear

Got worms? If your pet is showing signs of worms at anus, shedding worms, scoots on the ground, rice-like in stool or rice-like on backside and you want an all natural, drug free approach then these oral drops are recommended. When used daily, these drops treat and aid in recovery of worm infestations by combating tape, round and hookworms, bots and Pin worm. Also reduces re-infestation by reducing environmental contamination so you won't have to worry about it coming back. May be used on horses, donkeys, cattle, goats and sheep if suffering from aforementioned symptoms.

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