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Greenies Weight Management Dental Chews for Dogs

Greenies Weight Management Dental Chews for Dogs
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The Nutro Company
Greenies® Weight Management Dental Chews not only provides dental health benefits to your dog, but also has added vitamins, antioxidants and minerals for immune system support.

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Large, 8 ct
Petite, 20 ct
Regular, 12 ct
Teenie, 43 ct

Greenies® Weight Management Dental Chews for Dogs provides you 12 oz of tasty dental chews which double as a total oral health solution.

  • Greenies® Weight Management provides the same great dental benefits as the Original Greenies®, but with less calories to support your pet's weight management program.
  • Greenies® Weight Management proudly wears the seal of acceptance from the Veterinary Oral Health Council.
  • Greenies® Weight Management contain no artificial colors and these chews reduce tartar and plaque buildup, freshen breath and help maintain healthy gums.
  • You can feel great about giving your dog Greenies® Weight Management because they are highly digestible, low in calories, and great for oral health.

Use the chart below to select the best size Greenies® Weight Management for the canine in your life.

Size of GreeniesLength of Chew (inches)Your Dog's Weight
Teenie2.755-15 lbs
Petite3.5015-25 lbs
Regular4.2525-50 lbs
Large5.0050-100 lbs