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HomeoPet Skin & Seborrhea

HomeoPet Skin & Seborrhea
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HomeoPet® Skin & Seborrhea homopathic remedy can help eases symptoms associated with allergies or localized rashes, oily greasy coat, smelly skin and ears. HomeoPet® natural formulas are fast acting, non-sedating and non-habit forming.

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15 mL Bottle

HomeoPet® Skin & Seborrhea

HomeoPet® Skin & Seborrhea aids pets with seborrhea or other allergic conditions. Chronic pruritis, grass, pollen and house dust allergies, allergic reactions to drugs or vaccines, allergic dermatitis, oily greasy coat, dry flaky coat (dandruff like), strong odors from ears and ear discharge. May be used as an adjunct treatment in mange. Also can be used in a support treatment of eczema, pyoderma, and chronic itching.

HomeoPet® Skin & Seborrhea may help with the following symptoms:

  • Smelly ears with wax buildup, ears smell like stale cheese.
  • Ear infections
  • Oily, greasy coat, bad, poor dull coat
  • Dandruff, dander, flaky coat
  • Dogs stinks despite regular shampooing and grooming with different medicated shampoos

HomeoPet® Skin & Seborrhea is 100% natural, with no chemicals added. Made in the USA.

HomeoPet® products are FDA registered

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