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Kelco Black Star Shampoo 50:1 Gallon

Kelco Black Star Shampoo 50:1 Gallon
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  • Safe to use flea control drops
  • Color enhancing shampoo
  • Mild, pH balanced and biodegradable
  • Does not contain soap or detergent
  • Contains squid ink

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Black Star Shampoo 50:1

Black star is a 50:1 ultra high concentrate color enhancing shampoo that does not contain soap or detergent. Black Star contains squid ink to make black coats blacker. Black star makes white coats whiter and brigher, removing dirt, food and pool stain while leaving the caot soft and fluffy. Black Star is mild, pH balanced, natural, biodegradable and safe to use the flea control drops. Formulated for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, puppies, kittens, ferrets & farm animals.

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