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Laube Liquid De-Shedder Conditioner 50:1

Laube Liquid De-Shedder Conditioner 50:1
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  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Maintains healthy coat shine
  • Keeps hair soft and fluffy
  • Eliminates hair mats and tangles
  • Leave no greasy film

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Laube® Liquid De-Shedder® Conditioner 50:1

Liquid De-Shedder Conditioner contains no degreasers or detergents in its all natural formula. It is a 50:1 maximum concentrate liquid silk protein conditioner with a non-greasy body building chemistry combined with essential fatty acids and vitamins to create the ultimate moisturizer and conditioner for both skin and hair. Liquid De-Shedder Conditioner has UV protection and can be used as a leave-in conditioner for light conditioning, static elimination and as a sun screen. Great for groomers, show handlers and animal enthusiasts, Liquid De-Shedder Conditioner is mild, pH balanced, natural, biodegradable and safe to use with flea control drops. Formulated for dogs, cats, rabbits, puppies, kittens, ferrets and farm animals, Liquid De-Shedder Conditioner offers the perfect solution for preserving an animal's healthy coat.