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LubriSyn, 64 oz

LubriSyn, 64 oz
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LubriSyn joint health supplement for dogs, cats, horses or any companion animal is an easy to administer liquid and helps keep your animal active for life. It's formulated of hyaluronan (HA), a naturally occurring part of normal joint fluid so it's easily absorbed.

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LubriSyn is the revolutionary joint supplement for all animals with one active ingredient: hyaluronan (HA). Following the findings of the NIH GAIT study, showing that glucosamine and chondroitin are no more effective than a placebo when it comes to joint pain relief, LubriSyn is emerging as the leading effective joint supplement on the market today. LubriSyn is a unique oral supplement of hyaluron, the main component of the fluid that naturally cushions joints, to support healthy joint function and improve mobility.

LubriSyn promotes healthy joint function and helps maintain consistent levels of HA in the blood and synovial fluid. One ounce provides 150 mg hyaluronic acid. The hyaluron in LubriSyn is extracted from a non-animal, microbial source, resulting in a high molecular weight purified hyaluron.

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