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Odor-Z-Way® is completely safe for use in pet areas and at home. Absorbs odors and stains that stump other products. Safe for the enviromnent.

Oder-Z-Way Commercial Litter Box Odor Removal
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14 oz

Odor-Z-Way® tackles all your pet stains and odors!

It's the one product to keep on hand for troublesome stains and odors of all kinds. Testing proves

Odor-Z-Way® is 95 times better than baking soda in eliminating odors and absorbing stains.

  • Litter Box Odors
  • Dog Kennel Odors
  • Hamster Cage Odors
  • Ferret Cage Odors
  • Skunk Odors
  • Horse Trailer Odors
  • Pet Mess Odors
  • Pet Bed Odors
  • Dog & Cat Urine Removal
  • Blood, Vomit, Feces Stains & Odors
  • Odor-Z-Way® is also great for use all around your home. Removes odors from mold, mildew, cigarette smoke, cigars, gym bags, smelly sneakers, garbage cans, bathrooms, carpets, diapers and so much more. It also removes stains from blood, oil, wine, grass, coffee, sweat. There is just no job too tough for Odor-Z-Way®!

    The Advantages of Odor-Z-Way® Are Many!

    • Environmentally safe
    • FDA approved
    • User friendly
    • No perfume/masking odors
    • Not an serosol - adds no gas to the environment
    • Fabric dafe - does not discolor or cause defects
    • Hundreds of different uses
    • Dry product - will not stain or cause mildew
    • Has an indefinite shelf life
    • Child safe and pet safe
    • Cost competitive - about the same cost as other
    • Absorbs and completely removes impurities
    • Removes both odors & stains