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PetzLife Herbal Defense - Powder 4 oz (Tick Repellant Powder)

PetzLife Herbal Defense - Powder 4 oz (Tick Repellant Powder)
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PetzLife Products Inc.
  • For cats and dogs of all ages
  • Chemical-free herbal tick and flea repellent
  • Comes in powder form and is easy to administer with food
  • Provides two to three months of fortification from ticks and biting insects
  • Made in USA

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PetzLife Tickz Organic Coat Formula for Dogs and Cats

PetzLifeTickZ is a herbal tick repellent supplement that is an all-natural, completely unique formula. It contains no harmful chemicals and insecticides, and is completely safe for cats and dogs of all sizes and ages. PetzLifeTickZ is a blend of powerful tick-fighting herbs. It comes in a powder form and protects your pet from the inside out.

It is ideal for pets that are allergic to chemical sprays and lotions as well as pet owners who are allergic to chemicals.

Simply add PetzLifeTickZ herbal tick powder repellent to your pet's food for easy administration. You need to add this powder to your pets food twice daily for five days and your pet will be tick free for next two to three months.The pets won't find any change in taste and you can effectively protect your pet from ticks and biting insects.