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Phycox HA Soft Chews

Phycox HA Soft Chews
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PSPC, Inc.
Phycox® HA Soft Chews are naturally beneficial to your senior dog, formulated to improve joint mobility in only 30 days. Helps your pet maintain health and well-being as it matures. Hypoallergenic.

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120 ct

Phycox® HA Soft Chews Benefits

  • No beef, chicken or wheat ingredients
  • Increased anti-inflammatory activity with greater analgesic effects
  • Improved weight loss in aging dogs
  • Improved control of blood glucose levels
  • Potent antioxidant, immune boosting functions, and auto immunomodulating functions
  • Improved urinary tract health
  • Improved cardiac function

For use in dogs only. Phycox® HA Soft Chews hypoallergenic formula taste great to dogs, but the HA formulation contains no mammalian protein! Safe and effective for dogs with allergies. Phycox® HA Soft Chews are formulated with absolutely no mammalian protein or grain. These flavorful chews are therefore guaranteed to not contain beef, chicken or wheat, the most common canine allergens. The rich, natural (and highly appealing) flavor is Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, which is a low molecular weight protein, derived from Soybeans. This flavor is Hypo-Allergenic and should not cause problems in dogs with allergies. Of course, these hypoallergenic chews still contain all the beneficial ingredients of our other Phycox products.

Phycocyanin is an extract from blue-green algae and is a revolutionary in the way reduces inflammation, a major cause of joint discomfort. In combination with glucosamine, MSM and our proprietary blend of antioxidants and other important minerals, Phycox® HA Soft Chews is a highly effective way to relieve your dog's joint discomfort.

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