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Probios Feed Granules

Probios Feed Granules
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Vets Plus, Inc.
  • Strengthens your pet's immune system
  • Helps your pet maintain normal digestion during times of stress
  • Granules can be blended with food or given as a top dressing
  • Made in the USA

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5 lb

Probios® Feed Granules

Probios Feed Granules are an excellent source of live (viable) naturally occuring microorganisms that help strengthen your animal's immune system and maintain normal digestive function when faced with illness, weaning, diet changes, or stressful situations such as transportation. Probios can also be used to improve the health of animals with chronic diarrhea or who are being treated with antibiotics.

Although commonly used for horses, Probios can also benefit cows, pigs, goats, and dog and cats.