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Relief Creme Rinse for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Relief Creme Rinse for Dogs, Cats and Horses
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Bayer Animal Health
  • Hypo-allergenic creme rinse for cats, dogs and horses
  • Offers soap-free cleansing with soothing benefits
  • Provides rapid and prolonged relief to itching and flaking
  • Comprises Omega-6 fatty acids with Oatmeal and Pramoxine
  • Soothes and offers moisturization to dry skin

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Relief® Creme Rinse for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Relief Creme Rinse Shampoo by DVM, Bayer is a soap-free, cleansing formulation that has the soothing benefits of Pramoxine and micronized colloidal oatmeal and offers dermal nourishing. Also contains Omega-6 fatty acids for replenishment of the epidermal barrier. This effective rinse provides rapid relief from itching, skin irritation and flaking that might occur due to a wide variety of dermatologic conditions in dogs, cats and horses.

After routine or medicated shampooing, you can apply Relief Creme Rinse uniformly and thoroughly into the hair and coat of your pet. It can be used as a leave-on conditioner or lightly rinsed after 5 to 10 minutes of contact time.