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Safe-Guard Suspension 10%, Cattle and Goats

Safe-Guard Suspension 10%, Cattle and Goats
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Merck Animal Health
Safe-Guard® (Fenbendazole) Suspension 10% is trusted to remove and control internal parasites in goats

Restricted Drug in California.

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Safeguard® (Fenbendazole) removes and controls a broad spectrum of stomach and intestinal worms in cattle and goats.

Safeguard (Fenbendazole) for Goats (125 mL) treats barberpole and brown stomach worms.

Safeguard (Fenbendazole) for Beef & Dairy Cattle (1000 mL) eliminates and controls lungworms, brown stomach worms, barberpole worms, intestinal worms, hookworms, thread-necked intestinal worms, bankrupt worms and nodular worms.

Made in USA.