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Barkworthies Lamb Leg Bone

Barkworthies Lamb Leg Bone
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  • Provides a highly digestible source of calcium
  • High in iron and zinc to promote a healthy immune system
  • 100% healthy and safe
  • Give hours of chew time to dogs of all sizes
  • Hearty and durable

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Lamb Leg Bone

Barkworthies® Lamb Leg Bone

Hearty, durable and full of nutritious marrow, Barkworthies Lamb Leg Bone provides your dog with a highly digestible source of calcium. Barkworthies Lamb Leg Bone is an 8-inch long chew that will give your pet hours of chew time as well as cleaner teeth! Baked with pieces of meat and tendon, imparting a rich, smoky flavor, makes these bones highly appealing to all canines. Lamb Leg Bones offer an extra-long lasting chew for small to medium dogs and a durable treat for aggressive chewers. They’re great for dogs with sensitive stomachs because they're made from 100% lamb.

Center cut from the femur and full of nutritious marrow, Barkworthies Lamb Leg Bones are as natural as they come. These bones provide your dog with a highly digestible source of calcium, which is crucial to maintaining strong bones and teeth. Lamb Leg Bone is also high in iron and zinc, which help your dog's body fight off infection, maintain a healthy immune system, and provide energy to help support cognitive functions.

As with all of Barkworthies products, Lamb Leg Bone are free of additives, chemicals, and preservatives. Most Barkworthies products are single-ingredient chews, making them 100% healthy and safe.