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Conklin Fastrack Equine Gel Supplement for Horses

Conklin Fastrack Equine Gel Supplement for Horses
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Fastrack Equine Gel Supplement will help to improve appetite and support healthy digestive systems in young foals or adult horses.

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20 cc

Contains a source of live (viable) naturally-occurring microorganisms. For horses of all ages.

Newborn foals are faced with many challenges to their health. Variations in colostrum quality and quantity consumed make young foals susceptible to scours especially during the foal heat of the mare. Providing lactic acid-producing bacteria and yeast to young foals aids in establishing the proper microbial balance of the digestive tract. A direct-fed microbial product containing lactic acid-producing bacteria yeast specialized proteins and vitamins. Give to foals at birth and challenging periods before and at weaning. The Equine Gel can also be provided to mature horses during periods of variable feed intake or challenging periods such as transporting foaling or illness. Benefits reported by supplementing the Equine Gel to foals and horses: enhanced appetite less incidence of scours greater vigor and improved growth.

Periods of use: Provide the Equine Gel to foals and mature horses when beneficial microbiallevels in the digestive tract may be reduced; such as birth, weaning, transporting, changes in diet or feed intake, environmental changes or after antibiotic therapy. Provide the Equine Gel daily until feed consumption is resumed.