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Jor-Vet Dental Forceps, 7 inches

Jor-Vet Dental Forceps, 7 inches
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Jorgensen Laboratories
  • Forceps for animal dental purposes
  • Extracts teeth in small animals
  • Seven inches long
  • Best used by veterinarians

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7" (J42F)

Jor-Vet Dental Forceps, 7 inches

When it comes to safely removing a bad tooth from a small animal, a veterinarian needs a good set of forceps. These Jor-Vet Dental Forceps are ideal for extracting bad teeth in cats and small dogs. The curved ends of these forceps are ideal for obtaining a strong grip and working effectively. With good skill on the vet’s part, an animal tooth can be removed without causing any damage to the pet’s mouth. These forceps are seven inches in length, silver in color, and easy to handle so veterinarians can work smoothly and proficiently. Dental care is a necessity in maintaining a pet’s hygiene, so these Jor-Vet Dental Forceps are good tools to have in any vet’s office.