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Van Beek Natural Science
LickGuard is a safe, natural product with very strong flavors and scent that pets do not like to keep them from licking where it is applied.

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LickGuard is an all-natural unpleasant tasting ointment to discourage licking by your pet. LickGuard uses a combination of texture, taste, and smell to create a no lick solution.

  • Tastes Terrible, Works Great!
  • Discourages licking
  • Stops biting
  • No more chewing!

When LickGuard Should Be Administered:

After Surgical Procedures
Apply LickGuard to suture lines tokeep the animal from re-opening the wound. LickGuard can also be used on catheters and IV lines.

Use LickGuard on bandages and avoid the use of an uncomfortable e-collar.

Sores and Wounds
LickGuard can be used on skin conditions caused by chronic licking or biting, such as lick granulomas and biting sores.