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Monoject Blood Collection Tubes, 5ml

Monoject Blood Collection Tubes, 5ml
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Monoject Blood Collection Tubes have a glycerine coated red stopper and contains no additive. Sold in boxes of 100. Available in 3 mL and 5 mL sizes.

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5 mL / 100 per box

The Monoject Blood Collection Tube has a silicone coated tube, a glycerine coated red stopper, contains no additive and is used for laboratory procedures requiring serum. All tubes are sterilized by gamma radiation. Sterilization applies to the tube and stopper interior only and not the outside or packaging of the tube.

Available in 3 mL (10.25 mm x 64 mm) and 5 mL (13 mm x 75 mm) sizes.

Sold 100 tubes per box for each size.