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OdorPet – RTU Carpet and Floor Stain Remover 4 oz

OdorPet – RTU Carpet and Floor Stain Remover 4 oz
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Alpha Tech Pet
  • Use this multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer on almost any surface/li>
  • Works by breaking down and eliminateing odor-causing enzymes
  • Enjoy the pleasant black cherry fragrance

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OdorPet® Ready To Use Carpet and Floor Stain Remover

OdorPet®'s ready-to-use odor counteractant and cleaner is perfect for pet messes anywhere! Use on carpeting, furniture, pet bedding, carriers, and indoor and outdoor surfaces. OdorPet® is totally organic (green), biodegradable, and has a near neutral pH, so it can be used on all surfaces as frequently as needed.

OdorPet®'s bio-active formulation of stabilized bacterial spores (in addition to other proprietary pet odor eliminators) produce enzymes in the presence of organic animal debris. Simply spray this ready-to-use formula on desired surfaces and allow to air dry. OdorPet® goes to work to break down the pet debris immediately. Over time, it reduces debris to a solution of CO2 and water to eliminate the source of the pet odor and make cleaning up pet messes easier.

OdorPet® is also an effective pet stain remover for carpets, can be used in cat litter boxes to control pet odors (outstanding for breaking down pet urine), and to clean bird cages and small animal housing. OdorPet has a pleasant and popular black cherry scent. Our 4 oz bottles are the perfect size for travel and vehicle use.