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Odormed Sweat Odor 32oz

Odormed Sweat Odor 32oz
Odormed Sweat Odor 32oz
Part Number:1425694|


Thornell Corporation
  • Works when enzymes won't for shoes, sneakers, foot odor
  • Natural deodorant. No caustic chemical, no solvent or propellant. No sticky residue. Truth is it's mostly water. We just added the good stuff to make it work
  • Use as boxing glove deodorizer, shoe spray deodorizer, skates, lockers, hockey gym bags. Gets the funk away
  • Shoe deodorizer, pads, clothing of all kinds, sneakers, socks, hockey gloves, hats. Fabric spray or add to laundry detergent. Anywhere, anything. Use the soaker cap for large areas or sports gear. Don't get muscle cramps with the sprayer. Apply and let air dry.
  • Lasts forever. Doesn't lose potency over time like most enzymes. When you need it, it works

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Odormed Sweat can get odors out of any smelly surfaces or items. Spray in shoes, gym bags, lockers, athletic gear, and even porous surfaces such as exercise mats. Stinky socks and t-shirts don’t stand a chance when using Odormed Sweat as a pre-spray or pre-laundry soak. Easy-to-use, non-toxic, and non-irritating, Odormed Sweat is able to permanently eliminate odors quickly when sprayed directly at the source. Do not spray into open air.

Use ODORMED to eliminate offensive sweat odor. You need to treat the odor at the source. Just spraying something in the air and expecting the odor to be gone won’t work. Use the ODORMED for sweat odors on gloves, balls, hockey gear, boxing gloves, gym bags, lockers and more. 

ODORMED uses natural essential oils to eliminate odors instantly. This product is unique. There are no others using a formula like ours. ODORMED originates from a manufacturer that specializes in professional commercially used deodorizers. ODORMED is powerful and yet safe for skin contact. Our formula provides longtime effectiveness due to its ability to reactivate with moisture. So when you sweat our product works. No waiting to apply before or after. It works during your workouts. So a little bit goes a long way. Just reapply when needed to boost the effectiveness. 

There is a fragrance in ODORMED so be aware for those of you who may be sensitive to fragrances. This goes away as the product dries and when active it smells better than sweat. 

ODORMED comes with a pistol grip sprayer and a soaker cap for areas that need a little more product. Boxing/hockey gloves and pads, the trunk or back seat of your car. This saves you from getting hand cramps from squeezing the sprayer. 

This product is brought to you by The Odor Doctor. “If it stinks we’ve got your solution”.