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P.G. 600

P.G. 600
P.G. 600
Part Number:6251|




Merck Animal Health
  • Designated for induction of fertile estrus
  • For gilts over 5.5 months of age and weighing at least 187lbs

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5 Dose Vial

P.G. 600®

Manufacturer: Intervet/Merck Animal Health
This treatment applies to Swine

Gilts normally reach puberty (begin experiencing normal estrous cycles and exhibiting regular estrus or heat) at any time between six and eight months of age, although some gilts will not have exhibited their first estrus at ten months of age. Age at first estrus is influenced by several factors including breed type, season of the year, environmental conditions, and management practice (Hurtgen, 1986).

Sows normally exhibit estrus three to seven days after weaning their litters; however, some otherwise healthy sows may not exhibit estrus for 30 days or more after weaning (Dial and Britt, 1986). The causes of delayed return to estrus in healthy sows are poorly understood, but probably include season of the year (so-called seasonal anestrus; Hurtgen, 1979), adverse environmental conditions, such as high ambient temperatures (Love, 1978), and the number of previous litters, because the condition is more prevalent after the first litter than after later litters (Hurtgen, 1986).

P.G. 600® is a combination of serum gonadotropin (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin or PMSG) and chorionic gonadotropin (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG) for use in prepuberal gilts (gilts that have not yet exhibited their first estrus) and in sows at weaning. It is supplied in freeze-dried form with sterile diluent for reconstitution.

In gilts and sows, the action of serum gonadotropin is similar to the action of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which is produced by the animals' anterior pituitary gland. It stimulates the follicles of the ovaries to produce mature ova (eggs), and it promotes the outward signs of estrus (heat).

The action of chorionic gonadotropin in gilts and sows is similar to the action of Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which is also produced by the animals' anterior pituitary gland. It causes the release of mature ova from the follicles of the ovaries (ovulation), and it promotes the formation of corpora lutea, which are necessary for the maintenance of pregnancy once the gilt has become pregnant.

The combination of serum gonadotropin and chorionic gonadotropin in P.G. 600® induces fertile estrus in most prepuberal gilts and weaned sows three to seven days after administration (Schilling and Cerne, 1972; Britt et al., 1986; Bates et al., 1991). The animals may then be mated or, in the case of gilts, mating may be delayed until the second estrus after treatment.

Note: P.G. 600® is intended as a management tool to improve reproductive efficiency in swine production operations. To obtain maximum benefit from this product, estrus detection and other aspects of reproductive management must be adequate. If you are in doubt about the adequacy of your breeding program, consult your veterinarian.

Indications For Use:

Prepuberal Gilts: P.G. 600® is indicated for induction of fertile estrus (heat) in healthy prepuberal (non-cycling) gilts over five and one-half months of age and weighing at least 85 kg (187 lbs).

Sows at Weaning: P.G. 600® is indicated for induction of estrus in healthy weaned sows experiencing delayed return to estrus.