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Different Birds = Different Care

Different Birds = Different Care


Size: Five to seven inches long Lifespan: Seven to ten years Ever wonder where wild canaries live? These super singers come from the islands off the northwestern coast of Africa—the Canary Islands of course! Male canaries are major singers and will break into a chorus of cheerful melodies. Females like to chill out a little more and may only peep or warble.

Your canary will prefer a cage that's wider rather than taller—this'll give her room to fly and hop back and forth. Most canaries don't like to share the same cage so it's best to keep just one. Some females can get along but males will fight.


Size: 11 to 14 inches long Color: Yellow white or gray with orange splotches Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

These smart active birds come from the land down under—Australia. Cockatiels love to climb on their cages and play with hanging toys. These movers and shakers prefer tall cages so they can climb up to the highest perch.

Female cockatiels are real sweeties while their male counterparts are loud chirpers who can be taught to speak. (Be patient with your bird though because not all cockatiels are big talkers.) Both males and females love attention so you should spend lots of time with them.


Size: 7 inches long Color: Green blue yellow turquoise or white Lifespan: Five to eight years

Parakeets are the most popular pet birds and are super-social with other parakeets. Most of these friendly flappers like to share cages and play with their parakeet pals. They like people too and can really make their owners laugh with their parakeet antics. Because they like to climb all over their cages and perches parakeets prefer tall cages. Beak speak: If the area above your parakeet's beak (called a cere) is blue he's probably a boy!

Zebra finch

Size: 4 inches long Color: Grey black buff; males have orange cheek patches Lifespan: Seven to ten years

Finches are the most colorful bird pets and make lots of different sounds. The males tend to be more colorful—and way sillier! Finches love to hang with each other and females especially like to live together. If you have two males make sure they have a large cage—they'll need their space.

It's showtime! Finches are not as loud as some birds but they really make up for it 'cause they know so many tunes. These guys are major entertainers—and sometimes the males will do dances to impress the females.