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PetStrips Travel & Calming Aid for Dogs 12 Strips

PetStrips Travel & Calming Aid for Dogs 12 Strips
PetStrips Travel & Calming Aid for Dogs 12 Strips
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  • Relaxes your dog in minutes rather than hours
  • Calm them down without doping them up/knocking them out- Tryptophan, Chamomile & Melatonin gently/naturally soothe without tranquilizers or sedatives
  • Perfect solution as needed for fireworks, thunderstorms, vet/grooming visits, and other travel, or as a daily dose for separation anxiety

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PetStrips provide the best solution with potent formulas, simple dosing with nearly compete absorption, and the fastest-acting delivery system available over-the-counter.

Ingredients are instantly absorbed without the loss of actives through digestion. Stop trying to shove that large unwanted pill down your dog's throat, or hide their vitamin in food or treat pockets. Stop waiting hours for that anxiety and calming aid to take effect. Stop hoping the ingredients on the supplement's label will actually reach your pet's system to do their job. Absorption of PetStrips bypasses the digestive system and delivers the supplements right to the bloodstream. The ingredients are quickly delivered, usually more potent, and less health supplements will be needed to do the job it's intended.

PetStrips Technology How They Work

Traditional pill, tablet, or chewable supplements must all pass through the digestive system, which often breaks down and filters 80%-90% of the active ingredients before they are absorbed and become bio-available to your pet. Traditional health and wellness supplements may be even less productive in older pets who have weaker intestinal absorption, and those suffering from various ailments that impact digestion or absorption rates. What little remains of the active ingredients can also take 1-2 hours before they reach bio-availability (of any use to your pet’s body).

PetStrips work very differently. Our quick dissolving, easy-to-administer strips provide 90% or higher bio-availability of their active ingredients within minutes. The secret is sublingual absorption in the mouth, which bypasses the digestive system altogether and delivers our supportive formulas to your pet’s body more efficiently and faster than any traditional pill or chew.

  • NASC Quality Seal
  • Hermetically Sealed Packaging
  • Individually Sealed Supplements
  • Resealable Ziplock
  • Pouch Easily Fits into Travel Bag or Purse