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Snuggle Pet Starter Kit

Snuggle Pet Starter Kit
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Snuggle Pet | Starter Kit offers your new puppy a reassurance in a new environment. A SnugglePuppie will welcome your puppy into a warm bed with simulated heartbeat to relieve stress. For extra measure, a soft blanket is given to wrap up your little guy and make them feel cozy and secure.

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Snuggle Pet's Starter Kit is the perfect way to welcome home your new puppy. The SnugglePuppie provided is soft and cuddly, but most importantly it's warm and has a simulated heartbeat to make your pup feel comforted in its new environment. If that's not enough to make your baby feel cozy, wrap them up with their SnugglePuppie in our extra soft blanket. If your little guy is feeling a little more rambunctious, toss and tug-o-war with the latex squeaky toy for endless fun.

Every Starter Kit includes:

  • A SnugglePuppie
  • 4 heat packs
  • 2 sets of batteries
  • Heart with heartbeat simulation
  • 5" latex squeaky toy
  • Extra soft blanket
  • Information