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Reference: 012PFZ-8179

16 mg x 4 ct
160 mg x 4 ct
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60 mg x 4 ct

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Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Requires Veterinarian Authorization

Product description

Cerenia tablets prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs. Motion sickness can impact the whole family. Just like humans, when your dog is car sick, traveling can be an unpleasant experience. Get your dog ready to ride with Cerenia (maropitant citrate) approved to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs. Safe and effective Non-sedating Once-daily dosing FDA - Approved Recommended for dogs 16 weeks of age or older Your dog's motion sickness is caused when the vestibular system in the ear (which controls balance and helps dogs process motion) isn't fully developed or doesn't function properly. Motion sickness can also be associated with the stress and anxiety some dogs experience during a car ride, and can sometimes be linked to a previous bad travel experience. Although some dogs outgrow motion sickness, others may be affected for the rest of their lives. Dogs with motion sickness may show a variety of signs, including: Drooling Dry heaving Excessive lip licking Inactivity Pacing Rapid panting Restlessness Shaking Whining Yawning Vomiting Cerenia (maropitant citrate) tablets might be a solution for your dog. Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.


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