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Davis Inside & Out Wellness Kit

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Product description

Davis Inside & Out Wellness Kit

Inside & Out Wellness Kit helps improve digestive efficiency, increase and maintain vitality, improve skin and coat, helps in healthy weight gain and stimulates appetite. Improve your pet from the Inside & Out. This kit includes 14 oz Davis MultiZymes™ and 14.1 oz Davis Theracoat® Supplement.

Davis MultiZymes™

Davis MultiZymes™ is a digestive enzyme and probiotic supplement, formulated to help support a healthy digestive tract. A scientifically formulated range of digestive enzymes in addition to a balanced amount of lactobacillus and a concentrated amount of nutritional yeast, allows for the pet to retain considerably more nutrients from regular food. Therefore, reducing the need for expensive specialty diets and supplements considerably.

This powder formula is especially beneficial for pets that suffer from digestive stress including dogs and cats experiencing travel anxiety, separation anxiety, or pancreatic intestinal disorders.

Davis MultiZymes™ Key Benefits:

  • improve digestive efficiency
  • increase and maintain vitality
  • improves skin and coat condition
  • healthy weight gain and stimulates appetite

Davis TheraCoat® Supplement

TheraCoat® is effective in the improvement of your pet's skin, coat and overall health.

TheraCoat® is a deoiled soy bean extract containing a concentrated blend of phospholipids. Phospholipids are the key building blocks of cell structure and function and metabolize to provide various other essential compounds to the body. As the animal's cell structure improves, as does the overall health of the animal, providing healthier internal and external systems.

Davis TheraCoat® Supplement Key Benefits:

  • helps create fuller, shinier coats
  • hair re-growth
  • enhanced coat luster
  • reduces skin and coat dryness
  • skin healing and regeneration
  • improved elasticity and suppleness
  • decrease in tear stains, ear discharge, and irritation
  • improvement in mobility and energy
  • increase in overall health
  • improved immune system

Common Problems Related To Phospholipid Deficiencies:

  • loss of skin elasticity
  • dryness
  • scaliness
  • poor wound healing
  • erythema
  • lack of hair re-growth
  • alopecia
  • decrease in overall well-being
For dogs and cats.

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