Protect Your Dogs with These 7 Flea & Tick Solutions

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Have you noticed any unusual habits or behavioral changes with your dog lately? Does it seem to be scratching more often than normal? Do you see any mysterious black specks when combing its fur, or any new red bumps on its belly? If so, then wash your hands before touching your hair. Your canine might have fleas or ticks.

However unpleasant this situation may be, especially for your pet, it is not the end of the word. Plenty of excellent solutions, from Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray to Advantage II and more, can help out. Read on to learn more about these top-notch treatments.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray

Killing fleas can be tricky. Even if you somehow find them all with your eyes and mash them with your fingers, your dog may start scratching again just days later. Treatments must not only kill adult fleas but also the eggs they lay throughout the dog’s fur and skin.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray take care of all stages in the flea’s life cycle. It also holds strong for two months, stopping the population from rebuilding. On top of that, it also kills ticks on contact and even serves as a repellant for disease-bearing mosquitos. Make sure to get the fur damp, but not saturated, and your pet will be good to go.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo with Precor

If you are worried about the potential effects of using a spray, you can still benefit from the Adams Plus formula differently. The Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo with Precor are just as effective as the spray. The presence of Precor, the popular “insect growth regulator,” makes it an arguable improvement.

Better yet, having it in shampoo form allows you to make it part of your dog’s regular baths. The biweekly regimen across four weeks should be enough to kill fleas in all stages, as well as ticks and lice. Soon enough, you will stop seeing bugs in the water.

VetriScience Flea + Tick Defense for Dogs

Not all dogs will welcome sprays of mist or stay calm long enough for a shampoo bath. Another option is available for pet owners: topical solutions. Not many dogs would say no to rubs, so applying an ointment or cream by hand between the shoulder blades should be a breeze.

VetriScience Flea + Tick Defense for Dogs is a great example of this treatment method. It is packed with fipronil, a pest-killing chemical that collects in the follicles and endures for three months. Though you should avoid exposure to water for the first 24 hours, it is also waterproof. Getting rid of fleas, ticks, lice, and mites is easier than ever.

Advantage II for Dogs

Among the most popular topical flea and tick solutions that vets recommend is Advantage II for Dogs. Monthly applications on the skin between the shoulder blades will kill all the fleas on your pet within 12 hours. That quickness and effectiveness alone are enough to make it a valuable option.

Of course, fleas can spread well beyond your dog’s skin, and they may return to the source for more fresh blood. That is why Advantage II is designed to endure its effects for up to four weeks, even if your dog takes a bath. Reinfesting fleas die within two hours, giving pets and owners a major advantage in the fight.

Frontline Spray

Some flea and tick infestations are mild, at least by infestation standards. Others may be more extreme, and they demand a swift response. For these health crises, Frontline Spray is an exceptional tool. A few dampening pumps throughout the coat are enough to wreak near-biblical havoc on the pest population.

How fast does Frontline Spray act? 95% of the vermin attacking your dog will succumb within a mere two hours. You and your dog could sit down for a movie and come out feeling better. The remaining 5% will fall within 24 hours of application. We call that devastating effectiveness.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick for Dogs

Anyone concerned about accidentally getting Frontline Spray on their pet’s face and eyes is right to worry. If you need to get those areas, you must wear latex gloves, spray the solution on your fingers, and gently rub the skin around them. At that point, some people may understandably prefer to just use a topical treatment.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick for Dogs brings that same winning formula to ointment form. Instead of spraying all over the body, you only need to apply it on — you guessed it — the skin between the shoulder blades. The formula, which uses both Precor and fipronil, will take over from there.

Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

Dogs love going outdoors, and ticks love going on dogs that go outdoors. Their bites can transmit all manner of awful illnesses, from Lyme disease to babesiosis. Before you take the animal out for walks in the woods, it would be wise to arm them with some form of tick prevention.

The Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs may be a surprising solution. How can a collar ward off pests? The answer is containing 9% amitraz, which not only kills ticks but removes them from canine bodies. They are effective for up to 90 days, allowing your pet to frolic outdoors with one less worry.

Flea and Tick Solutions at Lambert Vet Supply

Fleas, ticks, and other pests are not a threat to be taken lightly. They can spread disease, drain blood, and turn happy pets into sad critters. Pet owners must learn to recognize the signs and give them the best possible assistance they can find.

Here at Lambert Vet Supply, we are dedicated to providing pet owners and vets with the most effective products to maintain animal health. To that end, we only sell the best of the best in flea and tick solutions. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray, Advantage II for Dogs, and all the other products listed above are all available here. So are many other top-notch treatments, which you can browse today.

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