Mobile Text Message Policy

Updated December 8, 2020

Pet Supplies 4 Less "Fido" or "Purr" Mobile Text Messaging Marketing programs

Our Mobile Text Program has two text term options for opt-in; Fido and Purr, both options will deliver general marketing messages; including product discount, sales, clearance, bonus buys, new products, and more. The mobile text Fido will also have dog specific marketing information while the mobile text Purr will also have cat specific marketing information. The following Mobile Text terms apply to the Text Program and are fully described in the details below.

Opting-in or Signing up for Mobile Text Messages

  • Signing up or opting-in for Mobile Text Messages
  • When you provide us with your mobile phone number, you agree that our organization may send you text messages (including SMS and MMS) to that phone number.
    You will receive a confirmation text message, and you may need to reply as instructed to complete registration. Currently we have a choice of two words to text for
    general marketing and either dog or cat select marketing information.

Text 'woof' to 31996 for general marketing and dog select marketing information. Currently we send two messages a month.

Text 'meow' to 31996 for general marketing and cat select marketing information. Currently we send two messages a month.

  • By completing the opt-in process for any Text Program, you are confirming that the telephone number that you provided at the time of opting-in to the Text Program is your mobile number and that you have the authority to grant Pet Supplies 4 Less the right to send text messages to that mobile number.
  • By opting-in, you consent to being sent up to 2 per month autodialed and/or non-autodialed text messages in relation to that Text Program at the telephone number that you provided at the time of joining the Text Program.
  • Joining any of the Text Programs is not required to purchase our goods or services.

Notify Pet Supplies 4 Less on any mobile phone changes

*If you change or deactivate your mobile number, please notify us at 877-813-7387 to discontinue any text messages to your old number.

  • or more information, text HELP for help or contact Us at 877-813-7387.

Mobile Carrier Information

  • Message and data rates apply. You should check with your wireless carrier if you have questions about your plan and its coverage.
  • T The mobile carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages as your carrier may prohibit or restrict certain Mobile Features and certain Mobile Features may be incompatible with your carrier or mobile device. Contact your carrier with questions regarding these issues.
  • Pet Supplies 4 Less is not liable for any TCPA violations caused by a carrier network failure or malfunction.

Unsubscribe or Opt-out of Pet Supplies 4 Less Mobile Text Program

  • It is policy, that just as a user must opt-in to a text marketing list, they have the right to opt out of a particular text marketing list as well. When a user opts out of a text marketing list, they will no longer receive any texts unless they, themselves, re-subscribe.
  • After joining our Mobile Text Program, if you no longer wish to be a part of our Text Program, reply “STOP” to the applicable Text Program message. To unsubscribe at any time Text STOP to 31996. Texting “STOP” is the recommended method for opting out to assure prompt removal. If you choose to request an opt-out by other means it may result in delays in complying with your request. After texting “STOP”, you will receive one additional text message confirming that your request has been processed.


  • All of the Text Programs and participation in any Text Program is governed by Pet Supplies 4 Less’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Pet Supplies 4 Less may change the Text Program terms or end the Text Programs at any time.
  • Contact us at 877-813-7387 for any questions.