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Rx Apoquel Chewable

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Requires Veterinarian Authorization

Product description

Apoquel is an oral chewable tablet that works differently than other skin allergy medications for dogs. It goes straight to the source to help relieve itch and inflammation at its core addressing the underlying cause of irritation and soothing allergic reactions. Apoquel Chewable provides rapid relief from allergic dermatitis and was demonstrated to control allergic pruritus within 24 hrs. Apoquel is ideal for both short or long-term treatment and can help to offer relief without many of the side effects associated with other medications.

Why is my dog itching so much?

Occasional itching is a fact of life for dogs. However, seasonal allergies, fleas, infection, mites, and other diseases may cause more frequent or constant itching, indicating a more serious condition. If your dog�s itching seems the disrupt yours and their routine, the scratching is persistent or the itching causes skin/coat changes, make an appointment to visit your veterinarian.

Does my dog need medical treatment?

If your dog�s itching persists or you notice any of the following signs, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to find out if the itching is caused by a medical condition: Frequent licking, chewing, biting, or scratching, Frequent rolling, rubbing or scooting, Hair loss,Recurrent ear problems, Changes in the skin, such as rash, greasy skin or scabs, Redness of the skin, Body odor, Head shaking

What is Apoquel (Oclacitinib Chewable Tablet) used for?

Apoquel is an oral chewable allergy medicine for dogs, prescribed by veterinarians for dogs older than 12 months of age to help lessen itch and inflammation due to allergic dermatitis.

Is Apoquel a steroid?

Apoquel is not a steroid, antihistamine, or cyclosporine (a type of drug that reduces immune system activity). Apoquel is in a different category of medications, which blocks allergic itch at the source.

Can I use Apoquel for a short time to treat a flare-up?

Yes, you can use Apoquel for short periods.

How long can my dog use Apoquel?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not placed any time restrictions on the use of Apoquel. You can continue to treat your dog with Apoquel for as long as your veterinarian recommends.

Can Apoquel be given with food?

Yes, Apoquel can be given to your dog with or without food.

How fast will Apoquel Chewable start working?

Apoquel Chewable provides rapid relief from allergic dermatitis and was demonstrated to control allergic pruritus within 24 hrs.


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